The Ethics Committee of Tallinn University (hereinafter the Committee) is an independent expert panel with the aim of evaluating data protection and ethical aspects of research conducted in Tallinn University and evaluating cases of disregard of academic practice in compliance with ethical principles.

The Committee acts in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant legal acts, good scientific practice of Estonia, European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (ALLEA), other domain-specific codes of ethics and the Agreement of Quality Good Custom of Estonian Universities.

The Committee started its activity on the 6 of November 2019. 

The Committee is composed of the following members:

Chairperson of the Committee:
Karmen Toros, School of Governance, Law and Society
Members of the Committee:
Raili Nugin, School of Humanities
Maria Zeltser, School of Digital Technologies
Luule Sakkeus, School of Governance, Law and Society
Piret Soodla, School of Educational Sciences
Jaanus Terasmaa, School of Natural Sciences and Health
Katrin Tiidenberg, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School
Kristiina Uriko, School of Natural Sciences and Health
Secretary of the Committee:
Reini Rätsep

(Established by the Rector’s order 1st of September 2021 No 44, mandate until 31.12.2021)

Committee meetings in the second half of 2021 and beginning of 2022 will take place at the following times:

15 September at 14:00 
13 October at 14:00
17 November at 14:00
15 December at 14:00
12 January at 14:00
16 February at 14:00

General e-mail address of the Committee is

Applications (Application concerning a research project) can be submitted to the Committee by an employee or a doctoral student of Tallinn University.
If there is a need for the Committee’s evaluation in research that involves the studies of students of the first or second level, the responsibility of deciding on the need for applying for the Committee’s permission remains with the supervisor and the application is submitted on behalf of the supervisor.

The applicant submits an application form, addressing it to the chairperson of the Committee, to the e-mail address together with additional documents taking into account that the application will be accepted in a meeting that will take place at the earliest in 14 days as of the day of submission of the application. 

Applications (Application to the Ethics Committee) can be submitted to the Committee by a member of the university’s governing body, a person who is a member of the university or a head of unit on behalf of the unit, and also by a person from outside the university if the case concerns Tallinn University or its members with regard to their activities at the university.

Applications and requests must be digitally signed and submitted to the general e-mail address.
The detailed procedure for the submission of applications and requests can be accessed via intranet.