Tõnu Viik

The Rector of Tallinn University for the years 2021 - 2026 is Tõnu Viik, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy. 


Rector Tõnu Viik: 

To keep up to date with the times, the university must remember and not lose sight of its main historical goal to carry the academic spirit. The special atmosphere, structure, operating principles of the university, and its main value for its members and the society derive from this goal. Academic spirit is an effort towards the truth and knowledge that could provide us with a picture of the reality that is as adequate as the modern research tools permit. Academic spirit means an open interest in knowledge, open-minded and daring setting of questions, intellectual debate and evidence-based clarification. It constitutes orientation towards the most demanding norms of international scientific creation, on one hand, and commitment to issues that are most important for the Estonian society and people, on the other.