The Rectorate is composed of the Rector, Vice-Rectors and administrative directors. Vice- rectors and administrative directors are in charge of the areas of activity assigned to them by the Rector and are responsible for the functioning and development of their subordinate support units. The Rectorate headed by Acting Rector Priit Reiska is composed of Vice-Rector for Research Katrin Niglas, Vice-Rector for Creative Activities and Cooperation Andres Jõesaar, Vice-Rector for Sustainable Development Helen Sooväli-Sepping and Head of Finances Kurmet Ojamaa.

Priit Reiska Prof. Priit Reiska
Acting Rector, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
Professor in Didactics of Natural Sciences
Phone: (+372) 640 9104

The Rector is in charge of the general state of the university and its development, the implementation of the budget and the legal and purposeful use of financial resources, as well as deciding on matters concerning the university’s activities that are not within the competence of the Council or the Senate.

From 1 September 2020 to 14 May 2021, Professor Priit Reiska, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs will be the Acting Rector and is responsible for the performance of the tasks assigned to the Rector. Professor Priit Reiska will also continue to perform the duties of the Vice- Rector for Academic Affairs. He is responsible for coordinating the university’s degree studies and for ensuring the conditions necessary for teaching and learning, incl. the admission of students, providing information on scholarships and study opportunities for students and coordinating relevant cooperation with other universities.

katrin niglas Prof. Katrin Niglas
Vice-Rector for Research
Professor in Data Analysis
Phone: (+372) 640 9103

The Vice-Rector for Research coordinates the university’s research activities and organises the preparation and management of research projects. She is responsible for developing and implementing the university’s research and development strategy, advancing doctoral studies in cooperation with the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and organising the university’s intellectual property protection. She also coordinates knowledge and technology transfer activities and ensures the connection of the university’s research and development with the society and business.

Dr. Andres Jõesaar Dr. Andres Jõesaar
Vice-Rector for Creative Activities and Cooperation
Associate Professor of Media Policies
Phone: (+372) 640 9107

The Vice-Rector for Creative Activities and Cooperation is responsible for the development of the university’s creative activities, including degree studies and continuing education, coordinates the activities of the Open Academy and continuing education, organises the internal and external communication of the university and alumni-related activities, coordinates the provision of development services and the development of business relations in cooperation with the Vice-Rector for Research and development activities of entrepreneurship studies in cooperation with the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. He also organises information and communication technology activities and ensures the development of information systems.

helen Prof. Helen Sooväli-Sepping
Vice-Rector for Sustainable Development    
Professor in Environmental Management                                            
Phone: (+372) 640 9466

The Vice-Rector for Sustainable Development manages the sustainable development of the university, is responsible for the development of the strategy for sustainable development along with an action plan and oversees its implementation. She also pools sustainable development-related competence, coordinates cooperation with other institutions in the field of sustainable development and represents the university in the networks of universities engaging in areas of sustainable development.

Kurmet Ojamaa Kurmet Ojamaa
Head of Finances
Phone: (+372) 640 9106

The Head of Finances directs the university’s administrative and economic activities, is responsible for the planning and analysing of and reporting on the financial activities, organises assets management, the conduct of procurement, the use of rooms, adopting financial decisions on the matters of protection of industrial property and trademarks, and performs other functions assigned to him by legal acts of the university.