Individual counseling for lecturers

We offer lecturers the opportunity to come for individual counseling / training. We offer help with the following questions:

  • How to use e-learning in classroom work,

  • What e-learning environments to use, how to build an e-course,

  • What tools can be used to create learning materials / activate learners

If you want advice and help, contact us:

Workshops and trainings

The e-learning center organizes short training for TU employees in the format of practical workshops. More detailed information and registration for workshops and training can be found in the university's training calendar.

NB! If you did not find a suitable training in the calendar, you can contact us - we will agree on a suitable time for training or individual counseling.

Recording studio T-323

  • Studio intended for use by Tallinn University lecturers.

  • The room can be used alone or in pairs, independently or with the support of the E-learning Center.

  • Introduction, rules, booking information and instructions can be found at:

  • The studio is booked via the form. Previously, check from ASIO whether the studio is free.