Individual counselling for lecturers

We offer the opportunity to come for individual counselling with following questions:

  • How to use e-learning in classroom work

  • What e-learning environments to use, how to build an e-course (Moodle, Google Classroom)

  • What tools can be used to create learning materials (ie interactive materials with self-assessment)

  • What tools can be used to activate learner in the classroom

  • How to use Panopto for self-recording

If you want advice and help, contact us:

Recording studio T-323

  • Studio intended for use by Tallinn University lecturers.

  • The room can be used alone or in pairs, independently or with the support of the E-learning Center.

  • Introduction, rules, booking information and instructions can be found at:

  • The studio is booked via the form. Previously, check from ASIO (Room calendars > T-323) whether the studio is free.