In your study plan, which is part of the online application form, you have to list the courses which you are planning to follow at Tallinn University. Information about the offered courses can be found at

Make sure to receive your home university's confirmation to your chosen courses before submitting your online application. Based on the information which you have inserted in your application and study plan, your Learning Agreement can be created and signed. This is an official document which states the courses which you will be taking at Tallinn University. Starting from 2020, all incoming Erasmus students are directed to Online Learning Agreement (OLA) platform at and the Learning Agreement is created in the system to be signed by the student, coordinator at home university and by the departmental coordinator  at Tallinn University. After your study plan has been confirmed and you have received the acceptance letter, you are directed to the platform to create the OLA. We are still in the testing phase and therefore we ask you to be patient if the procedure does not run very smoothly.

NB! Please note that it is not required to add a filled Learning Agreement form to your online application! The fully signed Learning Agreement should be uploaded to the system after you have created your OLA and received all the signatures.