Tallinn University gave recognition

On 18 March, the 15th birthday of Tallinn University, the names of those who will be highlighted this year by Tallinn University were unveiled.


Rectorate Tiit Land has decided to award badges of merit to 21 employees who have stood out for their long-standing excellent work and persons outside of the university who have done a great service to the university Honourable mentions by the rectorate were given to 30 employees and collaboration partners for long-standing work and contribution to the development of the university and other important services.

The most valued lecturers were named in the categories "I change learning", "Outstanding instructor", "Outstanding curator of curriculum", "Outstanding creator and maintainer of curriculum partnerships", "Contributor of internationalisation" and "Education innovator of the year". We are also awarding the most notable projects related to the LIFE programme.  

The best monograph and creative projects, the best general education and higher education textbooks and field-related articles have been revealed.

The Open Academy of Tallinn University handed out titles for Trainer of the Year, Internal Trainer of the Year, Training Act of the Year, Training Partner of the Year, Programme Coordinator of the Year and Head of Internal Training of the Year.

On 18 March, this year's laureates of the Tallinn University Literature Prize, which has been handed out since 2007, were also announced.

Once the time of the event is determined, the distribution of awards will be notified separately.

We congratulate all award recipients!