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A Personal and Delicate Story Wins PÖFF Shorts!

This year's PÖFF Shorts national program winner was a film by two BFM students - the twins Raul and Romet Esko.

Struck by lightning

It is an autobiographical documentary, which as the jury put it: tells a deeply personal, delicate yet dynamic story of friendship at the same time viocing an authentic and universal message.

Congratulations on your PÖFF Shorts national program win! As usual the first question is: how does it feel?

It's rather a banger feeling. We're thankful and flattered and can't get our heads on straight. The feeling is immense but it hurts a bit aswell. We made the film to honor Brandon, but yet his is the reaction that we don't get to see.

We believe we'll meet Brandon again once and show him the film. As Wiz Khalifa would say: “I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.” He'd be super proud of us and a bit mad, because we included the scene where he's running around the corridor naked. When we shot it we swore we'd never show it to anyone and now hundreds of people have seen it on the big screen. Hahahha lol, a pretty good prank.

Your film is about a subject that touched you deeply: it's about a friend's death. How do you feel about opening yourself up in this artistic manner? Does it present any difficulties or ethical dilemmas?

It seems that people care about others opening up their hearts and showing their true selves. Making this film was just that and probably about the most difficult time of our lives. We gave a piece of ourselves and made this film. 

We don't really have a feel yet for the ethical questions. We do what we feel is right and cool. If we feel that smoking a giant joint to honor Brandon or a zombie Brandon would be cool, we do that. We gave our best. 

As we can see from the film, you've been creating together way before you came to BFM. How do you guys work together? What are your strenghts? 

Our life is a film. We're like the detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett “Bad Boys 4 Life!”. Generally we can read each other's mind and work on the same thing parallelly. We do it in shifts and complete each other. Or curse each other and argue over who's better. 

Synconicity and cooperation can be considered to be our strenghts and weaknesses. We tend to sometimes be competitive. But we try harder because of it. 

How did you find your way to BFM and what do you study here? 

We wrote our first good film when we finished high school and decided to dedicate our lives to film. Maybe it's the golden glow of Hollywood that makes us move. Now we have a goal in life to make a film that would change the world. 

One of us studies Audiovisual Media and the other Integrated Art, Music and Multimedia (specializing in film design). We didn't care much about what we'd be studying at BFM as long as we could make films. 

What would you suggest to someone reading this interview, who wants to make films? 

We suggest making films. And do things that seem lit.

Every artist has a moment in their lives when they stop admiring others and find their own "handwriting". It seems to be developing for us and we take great pleasure in it. The coolest nights we've had are the ones where we try and make a film with our friends in one night. Just purely for entertainment's sake. 

We've come a long way from where we began
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
Ayy lmao, we made it. Megamegamega. B-dawg. Keep it lit.

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