Success Story

BFM Alumnus Vishal Vittal Went Above and Beyond with His Piece „Above“

The Estonian Documentary Film Festival in Toronto announced the winner of their Short Film Competition 2018. Professional category 1st prize went to “Above” by Vishal Vittal, who graduated from the joint masters programme Kino Eyes that BFM has organised with Lusófona University and Edinburgh Napier University.

Still from the film

This year EstDocs had 2 different categories for the Short Film Competition: professional and amateur. The films were judged by their originality, idea, complexity, message, social effect, quality, creativity and overall impact. Professional category 1st prize went to “Above” by Vishal Vittal for being innovative, imaginative, beautifully shot and dramatic. It allows for personal interpretation and conveys message of hope, says the jury.

Vishal Vittal’s architecture film about Estonian National Museum is discussing freedom of speech and censorship, while reflecting the change in people who transfered from Soviet Union to Independent Estonia. Four people in their everyday lives get interested by a floating bubble that reminds them of freedom.  

The Estonian Documentary Film Festival in Toronto is a juried competition featuring documentary talent from Estonia and around the world. Our mission is to provide a 360° perspective on the arts, politics and Estonian culture. EstDocs intends to entertain, challenge and provoke by introducing a new Estonian generation approach to cinema.

Architecture films are a format that BFM created and produces with the Estonian Association of Architects with the support of the Estonian Cultural Endowment.