Together with our partner university in Shanghai, every year the Confucius Institute organises a summer camp to China for our students aged 16-25. The participants will be involved in a variety of activities, including Chinese language study, hands-on workshops, social activities with local Chinese students and excursions to places with cultural and historical significance. 

This year's summer camp is cancelled.


The summer camp consists of two parts. In the morning, Chinese language classes in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics are offered according to the level of the participants. In the afternoon, a broad variety of cultural activities are arranged. These include visits to museum and monument, culture classes, sports initiation, city tours and many more. After some days of study and local travel in Shanghai, students will travel to Beijing for historical and cultural visits. In Beijing, the participants will take part in the European Confucius Institutes summit where they will also perform a short programme introducing the Estonian culture. 

Students are responsible for the international air-tickets and visa application fee, as well as travel insurance. Other costs such as accommodation, meals and travel in China will be covered by the headquarters of the Confucius Institute. 

The number of participants is limited to 20 as a group. If more than 20 people apply, participants will be selected based on their academic performance on the Chinese course, commitment to studying Chinese and their HSK/YCT record. The participants are also expected to take part in the talent show program of the "Chinese Bridge" preliminary round held in Tallinn University in April. 

For further information, please contact the administrative assistant at Confucius Institute or, phone +372 6199 505.