We support the sustainable development of Estonia through high quality research and study, education of intellectuals, public discussions and promotion of academic partnership. 

In 2018, our financed projects were in: 

  • Social sciences and culture – 75,9%
  • Natural sciences and technology – 12,6%
  • Bio- and environmental research – 8,2%
  • Health research – 3,3%

Our most substantial international and interdisciplinary research projects in 2017:

Project name and finance provider Focus field Financing period Participating academic units in TU and principal investigator
„Between the Times“: Embattled Temporalities and Political Imagination in Interwar Europe, EL Horisont 2020 ERC grant (project in ETIS TAU17149) Cultural Competences 01.06.2018 - 31.05.2023 School of Humanities (principal investigator Liisi Keedus PhD)
Cultural Data Analytics (CUDAN), EL Horisont 2020 ERA Chair Digital and Media Culture 01.01.2019 – 31.08.2023 Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School, School of Humanities, School of Digital Technologies (principal investigator PhD Indrek Ibrus)
Enactive Co-presence in Narrative Virtual Reality: A Triadic Interaction ModelMobilitas pluss top researcher grant (project in ETIS MOBTT90 Digital and Media Culture 01.09.2017- 31.08.2022 Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (principal investigator PhD Pia Tikka)
Cross-Border Educational Innovation thru Technology-Enhanced Research,  EL Horisont 2020 ERA Chair (project in ETIS TAU15034)

 Educational Innovation

10.07.2015-09.06.2020 School of Educational Sciences (principal investigator Tobias Ley PhD)
Reduction of CO2 emissions by restoring degraded peatlands in Northern European Lowland, EL Life+ Climate mitigation (project in ETIS TRU16133)     Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle 01.07.2016-30.06.2021   School of Natural Sciences and Health Institute of Ecology (principal investigator Mati Ilomets PhD)
Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: Cumulative Disadvantage, Coping Strategies, Effective Policies and Transfer, EL Horisont 2020 (project in ETIS AU/14714      Society and Open Governance 01.05.2015-30.04.2018 School of Governance, Law and Society  Institute of International Social Studies (principal investigator Marge Unt PhD)
Direct award of an action grant for the EMN National Contact Point of ESTONIA, EL Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) 2014 - 2020, Siseministeerium (project in ETIS TRU16211)       Society and Open Governance 01.01.2017-31.12.2018 School of Governance, Law and Society, lead partner (principal investigator Ave Lauren PhD)
Cross-Motion, EL Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2014-220 (project in ETIS TKA16018)   Digital and Media Culture 01.03.2016-01.03.2019

Baltic Film, Media, Arts and  Communication School, lead partner (principal investigator Alessandro Nanì)

Human rights – mutually raising excellence, EL Horisont 2020, Twinning (project in ETIS TAU15135)   Society and Open Governance 31.01.2016-01.02.2019 School of Governance, Law and Society, lead partner (principal investigator Mart Susi PhD)
Post-Soviet Tensions: A Training Programme in Post-Soviet Affairs for Early Career Researchers, EL 7 Raamprogramm Marie Curie, Initial training networks  (project in ETIS ÕA/113   Society and Open Governance 01.05.2013-30.04.2017 School of Governance, Law and Society (principal investigator  Abel Polese PhD)
Imagining Development: A multidisciplinary and multilevel analysis of development policies and their effect in the post-socialist world,  EL 7 Raamprogramm Marie Curie, International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (project in ETIS AU/1813)          Society and Open Governance 01.06.2013-01.09.2017 School of Governance, Law and Society (principal investigator Abel Polese PhD)
Salme Event: Two Vendel Period Mass Burials in Ships on Saaremaa, Estonia -subproject of Uppsala University project The Viking Phenomenon, Rootsi Teadusnõukogu (project in ETIS TAU17036) Cultural Competences 01.04.2017-31.12.2020 Archaeological Research Collection (principal investigator Jüri Peets PhD)
Aligning professional future-oriented training on health promotion to boost development and economic growth in Läänemaa and Helsinki-Uusimaa regions, EL Interreg Central Baltic Programm 2014–2020 (project in ETIS TRU16105) Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle 01.07.2016-31.12.2019 Haapsalu College, lead partner (principal investigator Heli Kaldas)
Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use, EL Horisont 2020 - Societal Challenges work programm (project in ETIS TRU17066)  Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle 01.06.2017-28.02.2018 School of Natural Sciences and Health Institute of Ecology (principal investigator Galina Kapanen PhD), Baltic Film, Media, Arts and  Communication School, Conference Centre
Co-creation of Service Innovations in Europe, EL Horisont 2020 (project in ETIS TKA17073) Society and Open Governance 01.12.2017-30.11.2020 School of Governance, Law and Society (principal investigator Zsolt Bugarszki PhD)
Encouraging Lifelong Learning for an Inclusive and Vibrant Europe, EL Horisont 2020: YOUNG-3-2015 (project in ETIS TAU16076)    Society and Open Governance 01.10.2016-01.10.2019 School of Governance, Law and Society  Institute of International Social Studies(principal investigator Ellu Saar PhD)
Political and socio-psychological determinants of inclusive integration context and their inter-dependencies,  Norra ja EMP finantsmehhanismide teaduskoostöö toetamine (project in ETIS EMP138) Society and Open Governance 03.09.2013-30.04.2017 School of Governance, Law and Society (principal investigator Raivo Vetik PhD)
Cross-border services for creative adventure learning in the zoos of the Central Baltic Region, SmartZoos, EL Interreg Central Baltic 2014 - 2020 (project in ETIS TRU15126) Digital and Media Culture 01.09.2015-31.08.2018   School of Digital Technologies Centre for Educational Technology (principal investigator Terje Väljataga PhD) 
Adult Education as a Means to Active Participatory Citizenship, EL Horisont 2020: YOUNG-3-2015 (project in ETIS TRU16008)   Educational Innovation 01.02.2016-31.12.2018 School of Digital Technologies Centre for Educational Technology (principal investigator Kai Pata PhD)

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