Our Professor is the Head of the Global Digital Human Rights Network

Mart susi

On 15 September, Tallinn University's Professor of Human Rights Law, Mart Susi, was elected as the Head of the Global Digital Human Rights Network. "The network is ambitious in both fields - researchs and human rights in the digital environment," said Professor Susi. "Our goal is to become a network whose views, scientific outputs and recommendations are applied in the practice of countries, international organisations and Internet companies. We will start with a comparative study on the coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic on the social media of EU countries."

The Global Digital Human Rights Network was set up through the European Commission's Science and Technology Cooperation Programme. The network brings together researchers and practitioners from 26 Member States, but also involves researchers from many non-EU countries.

In addition, Professor Mart Susi is the editor-in-chief ot the international human rights magazine "East European Yearbook on Human Rights".