Confirmed keynote speakers of the conference are: 

Dr. Bruce J. Evans (UK),

Dr. Kairi Kreegipuu, PhD (EST) PhD Psychology in University of Tartu. Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology, Senior Research Fellow of Experimental Psychology.
Kairi Kreegipuu is an experimental psychologist at the University of Tartu (UT) studying perceptual processes, pre-attentional information processes (e.g., mismatch negativity) and their state-dependency. She defended her PhD on movement perception at the UT (2004, prof. Jüri Allik as supervisor).  Her most important studies concern visual pre-attentional information processing, and time perception. She has taught several courses on general psychology, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology and ethics, and has been a visiting professor at University of Latvia and Dalian University of Technology (China).

Kristjan Kask, PhD (EST) Associate Professor in Legal Psychology, Tallinn University
Kristjan Kask has a PhD in forensic psychology from University of Leicester, UK. He is an accredited clinical psychologist specialised on cognitive-behavioural therapy. His research interests are investigative interviewing of child and adult victims and witnesses, and factors influencing eyewitness issues. He has conducted several trainings to police investigators, prosecutors, judges and child protection workers about the principles of investigative interviewing of child victims and witnesses.