Evaluation of the tear film quality

Kristīne Detkova and Aiga Ozoliņa-Saveļjeva, OC Vision

At the workshop, two instruments will be presented for dry eye analyse:

  • Tomey Multi functional instrument MR-6000 (Japan):  combination of four examinations gives a detailed impression of the health of the patients ocular surface. You can observe the blinking frequency, tear meniscus height, hyperemia and Meibomian glands. 
  • Easytears All in One (Italy): comprises the VIEW+ dacryoscope, the HDWcam Wi-Fi video camera, and the Dry Eye Disease analyzer software.  It provides easy observation and advanced analysis of the tear film, the Meibomian glands, and the anterior segment of the eye. There are specific tests for dry eye diagnosis in just a few minutes with obvious advantages for professional operators.
State-of-the-art techniques for refraction and vision screening
Two new modern vision screening instruments from ESSILOR will be presented at the workshop:
 VISIOSMART 500 and EYEVIZ 300. VISIOSMART 500 is an automatic vision screening instrument for eye care professionals. It tests: combination of visual acuity, light environment & contrast to enable optician to introduce lens solution & coating. Night vision acuity test in lower lighting conditions and various contrast can help to recommend AR coating. Glare recovery and radial glare acuity tests help to recommend polarized solution, sun solutions & photochromic lenses. EYEVIZ 300 is an innovative eye tracking based screening instrument. This instrument is a digital solution using active glasses and eye-tracking technology for optimal vision evaluation. The system helps eye care practitioners to test children and raise awareness on vision impairments.