ESEH Next Generation Action Team Pub Night - August 20, 2019

NEXTGATe members are happy to invite all participants to their first official event on August 20 as a sort of kick-off meeting of the conference. The event format will be a pub night targeting primarily PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, their needs and aspirations, meanwhile scholars at all stage are most welcome to share their experiences, have a chat over a beer, support and been informed about the activities of the NEXTGATe.

Marco Armiero, Julia Lajus, Szabó Péter and Anna-Katharina Woebse have confirmed their presence, along the six members of NEXTGATe (Viktor Pál, Roberta Biasillo, Elena Kochetkova, Tayler Meredith, Simone Schleper, Erin Spinney).

Do not miss the chance to meet your peers and book the date now! Exact hour and place to be announced!

For more information about NEXTGATe activities and agenda, read this short article (available open access)

“Emerging Scholars in the Age of Uncertainty: Goals and Plans of ESEH Next Generation Action Team in 2018–19”, Environment and History 2018, Vol. 24. No. 4. P. 579-581.