Tallinn University is the youngest among all universities in the capital cities of Europe. It was founded only in 2005 as a merger of different universities and research institutions in Tallinn. Since then, it has been growing quickly and has now a student body of over 9500, with close to 540 faculty members. The university consists of 18 academic institutes, 4 colleges and the academic library. Academic institutes are competence centres in their specific field(s) and are active both in research and teaching.

The university sees itself as providing an environment which encourages the intellectual and personal growth of all its members, faculty and students alike, and has proclaimed as its values academic quality (which involves combining research and teaching), solidarity and collegiality, procedural transparency and simplicity, openness (which involves significant internationalisation) and an outward focus on society instead of isolating itself in an ivory tower).

The university has committed itself to the strategic goal of becoming an international research university with a strong social conscience and a flexible and collegial environment for learning and personal growth, where considerable academic freedoms, which are guaranteed both to students and the faculties, are balanced by strict quality requirements.

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Tallinn University is situated in the centre of Tallinn, about a fifteen-minute walk from the old town of Tallinn.