Rahul Sharma

Being a filmmaker and having been involved in the practical side of things, the interdisciplinary study of literature, film and visual culture has so far helped broaden my theoretical perspective. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed my arrival into Tallinn by almost a year yet I always felt a part of the LVF community, attending zoom conferences and seminars of senior batches over the internet from India. Once the course started, it fulfilled all my expectations. There were intensive seminars involving an array of topics such as eco-criticism or memory studies, apart from also giving one free rein in terms of electives to further develop their individual research interests. A broader emphasis is placed on intertextuality, narratology as well as philosophical and historical implications on the study of audiovisual media and literary texts. It almost helps set a breeding ground for future PhD researchers. I would sincerely recommend this programme for filmmakers, artists and practitioners for the advancement of their own craft, or likewise to theoreticians and scholars who would want to further their research works with cutting-edge theories. Apart from that, you will get to live in a hidden-gem city of Eastern Europe with magical Christmas markets and midsummer nights. 

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