Raamatuesitlus: Dirk Hoyer "Retopia: Creating New Spaces of Possibility"

Balti filmi, meedia ja kunstide instituut

13.12.2023 kell 14.00 - 15.00

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 In his book, Dirk Hoyer explores the influence of storytelling on political imaginaries.

Retopia tells the story of social innovation in times of crisis, and through its cross-disciplinary narrative it goes beyond existing forms of future anticipation. Retopia explores how new imaginaries, social experiments, and laboratories of societies can create spaces of possibilities, revalidate the peripheries, and create new forms of social coherence. From the loft spaces in 1950s New York, via Detroit in the beginning of the millennium, to the NUTS 2 regions in today's Europe the book is a journey through decay, revitalization, and new imaginaries.

Join us for a book presentation with the author. The conversation is moderated by Alessandro Nani.