1. päev: Media – friend or enemy?

Analisys of television landscape. Battle for the field. Infotainment as a decider. Can trust & responsibility of Public TV beat efficiency of commercial channels? 

2. päev: „Me“ in the mirror. Restart. 

   Hello, world! I have something to say! They look  -  what do they see?! Whoops! 
Start over with spreading personal limits. Voice. Body language. Timing.

3. päev: Ruthless camera. Close-up.

Television  -  mother & killer of illusions. Importance of a detail. Variety of shots.

4. päev: Broadcaster. News anchor. TV host.

 In front of camera  -  target, task, mood, shoulder touch, audience catch.

5. päev: Interview with the star - recording

3 cam ca 5’ episode for three groups from a staged pressconference with a star: TV reporter’s intro, opening words from host, star in front of journalists.

6. päev: „My credo“. Recordings analysis.

TV ethics. Valuation of the work done. Director & teamwork. Questions, results, future.

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