12. rahvusvaheline konverents "Dialogical Self"

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The purpose of the conference is to create a forum for dialogue across the boundaries of specific (sub)disciplines, and to explore the possibilities and challenges related to the dialogical self. As such, the 12th International Conference on the Dialogical Self is open to psychologists and scholars of social sciences, linguistics, and arts.

Fields of study and application

Exploration of the dialogical self has a broad scope, including areas as far-reaching as literary science, empirical psychology, and psychotherapy practice. It brings together different fields of psychology, such as personality, developmental, social, political, cultural, and clinical psychology, and brain sciences. Increasingly, researchers use the theory to make meaning of the complexity of educational, coaching, and counselling practices. Across these diverse fields, the Dialogical Self provides an interdisciplinary platform for innovative research, theory and practice.

Central topics of interest

Central topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • self and identity
  • culture and self
  • self and education
  • globalization and glocalization
  • social power and dominance
  • self and emotions
  • dialogue and linguistics
  • self-narratives in psychotherapy
  • dialogue and development
  • wisdom, maturity and health
  • multivoicedness and art.

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