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28.02.2023 kell 09.00 - 17.30

Annual Symposium of IR 28.02.2023 - Registration form

Theme: The Great Unsettling


We find ourselves in an era of vast and connected crises. Migration, war, food and energy shortage, climate catastrophe, pandemics, increasing levels of inequality and poverty, and more have moved from peripheral problems and now disrupt Global North realities. It is in this context that the diverse structures and relations of power need to be questioned, and solutions that understand the inequalities of these realities must be considered.


There is a concept in Globalization Studies of “The Great Unsettling” - that humans everywhere have lost much of what was secure in their lives and their understanding thereof. Now, facing this new era, we must engage with what must be built to replace or augment the certainties of the previous world, if they existed at all, and how we can integrate human society into these new times of reckoning.


In this conference, we invite scholars from all disciplines who wish to engage in the debate of what we have that is worth saving, and what must be built anew. While our focus is on international relations, we welcome all perspectives to join us in discussing how humanity must adapt to this era of wicked problems - how we got here, where we are, and where we must go in order to build a more just and sustainable international order.

Annual Symposium of IR 2023


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