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Interaction Design and Architecture Journal – autoritega kohtumine (inglise keeles)

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29.11.2021 kell 17.00 - 18.00

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Olete oodatud Interaction Design and Architecture(s) ajakirja 49. väljaande, mis oli teemal "Collaborative multimedia applications in technology", autoritega kohtumise üritusele. Üritus toimub inglise keeles.




The following authors will be presenting their work in 10-minute format followed by discussion:

"Tycho: Facilitation Support for Groupware User Tests"

Julián Grigera, Juan Cruz Gardey, Alejandro Fernandez, Alejandra Garrido

Abstract. Running user tests for groupware requires tracking the progress of multiple users performing co-dependent tasks, while facilitating and observing their coordinated actions. This requirement negatively impacts the main objective of user testing, which is detecting usability flaws. User testing of groupware becomes more challenging when run remotely. Even if there are tools for remote user testing that can get the job done for a single user, they are not prepared for collaborative scenarios. In this paper we argue that tool support for the facilitation of user tests of groupware is missing. Consequently, we propose a method for user tests with tool assistance that makes it possible to automate task synchronization, especially for different workflows that must be run concurrently. We evaluated our proposal by comparing it to a manually facilitated approach during on-site coordinated user tests. The results indicate that, while the task of designing and running user tests with tool support takes more time, it allows the testers to better focus on detecting usability problems.

"Collating a city’s collective memory in co-production of an online urban design learning space"

Sushardjanti Felasari, Chengzhi Peng

Abstract. Drawing on a city and collective memory as a theoretical framework for exploring how collating such memory into a Web-based 3D virtual city could initiate and sustain co-production of an online urban design learning space. Co-working with students and design tutors at the Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we conducted a “Yogyakarta Experiment” by constructing 3D virtual models of parts of central Yogyakarta as a virtual city platform for collating participants’ personal memories of the city lives and places. The experiment shows that the learners’ and tutors’ relationships with the city communities and environments were mediated through participation in collating the city’s collective memory into the 3D virtual city platform, resulting in the co-production of an online urban design learning space.

"Designing for Children’s Reflections in Collaborative Interaction Mediated by Technology: A Systematic Literature Review"

Gökçe Elif Baykal, Olof Torgersson, Eva Eriksson.

Abstract: Reflection is an integral part of collaborative interaction. However, we know little about how to design for reflection in collaborative activities mediated by technologies. This systematic literature review focuses on children’s reflections within the collaborative practices in child-computer interaction research and investigates (1) the link between reflection and collaborative activities, (2) the types of collaborative technologies to scaffold reflection, and (3) the methodological approaches to analyze reflection. We searched the ACM Digital Library, Scopus and ProQuest which resulted in 141 papers that make the link between terms ‘reflection’ and ‘collaboration’ explicit, where only 13 of these involve children as the primary actors of reflection. The results show that this topic is increasingly gaining attention, however, the link between reflection and collaborative interaction remains underdeveloped. The contribution of this study is to provide a theoretical and methodological basis to understand, analyze and support children’s reflections within a collaborative activity through technology.


The one-hour event will be coordinated by Oscar Mealha from University of Aveiro, Portugal and Janika Leoste, from Tallinn University, Estonia. The general introduction to issue N.49 will be given by Cesar Collazos, from Univerity of Cauca, Colombia.

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