TÜHI venia legendi loengud 2020

TÜHI kutsub osalema venia legendi loengutel.

TÜHI Venia Legendi loengud


8. mai 11.00-12.00 Kapitolina Fedorova vene uuringute professor “Challenging monolingual bias: Linguistic landscape studies and university public engagement with urban multilingualism” Zoom
8. mai 12.00-13.00 Boris Lanin vene uuringute professor "Methods of teaching Russian literature the 20-21st cc." Zoom
8. mai 14.00-15.00 Vera Skvirskaja

vene uuringute professor

"The Roots and Routes of Russian Demotic Authoritarianism in present-day Europe" Zoom
8. mai 15.00-16.00 Jan Levchenko vene uuringute professor “Some kind of Wonderful. The Image of the West in the Soviet TV series” Zoom
8. mai 16.00-17.00 Inna Tigountsova vene uuringute professor "Death, Disorder, and Diaspora: (Un)Russianness in Petrushevskaia's Number One, or In the Gardens of Other Opportunities (2004)" Zoom
13. mai 14.00-15.00 Eneken Laanes võrdleva kirjandusteaduse professor "Translating Memories" Zoom
13. mai 15.00-16.00 Carla Taban võrdleva kirjandusteaduse professor "Samuel Beckett and Art: Some Issues in Comparative Literature" Zoom
14. mai 11.00-12.00 Frank Jochen Kraushaar hiina uuringute professor "Between Classics and Digital Humanities: On the Rise of a New Discourse in Chinese Studies"


14. mai 12.00-13.00 Lisa Indraccolo hiina uuringute professor "Ancient Chinese Concepts of 'Change' and Their Contemporary Relevance"


14. mai 13.00-14.00 Martin Woesler hiina uuringute professor "China’s Social Credit System – Society and Politics between decentralized, indirect AI control and centralized, autocratic disciplinary action"