The Learning Layers Project – Visiting Milan Expo and a Auccessful Third Year Review Meeting

The Learning Layers project ( is the largest research project that Tallinn University is currently coordinating. It is funded under FP7 of the European Commission and brings together 17 partners throughout Europe with a budget of €12M. In the project, we are finding ways of how to support innovation in small and medium size enterprises in the healthcare sector and the building & construction industry by designing technology for learning at the workplace. The project has now been going on for three years and has entered its last year. The third year brought some very nice outcomes. First, the Learning Layers project was invited to participate with a stand in the Estonian pavilion at the World Expo in Milan. Thousands of people visited the exhibition and several follow-up contacts have come from this exhibition. At the end of the year, the annual project review took place in Luxembourg. The reviewers praised the scientific quality of the project and challenged us to use the last project year to realize the great potential we have created and to seek measurable impact. The Head of Unit paid us a visit during the review meeting underlining the great importance the Commission places on this project. A large-scale evaluation study has now started in which our tools will be used in real-world working domains. Results will be available later this year, and will hopefully show how we have changed the practices of learning at the workplace. Author: Tobias Ley [embed][/embed] 2015-09-24-14.55.042015-09-24-19.36.00