Saturday as a Media Student

I am Lotta, first year Media student. I'm not going to lie; sometimes we have school on weekends as well. After a long week it would be good to have a weekend off, but on the other hand, those weekends when we have school do not happen very often. And if you take a good attitude with you, it can turn out to be a nice day after all. You have your team and as a Media student you are supposed to have fun with your assignments. This one Saturday, each group of four members were given ten hours to make a voice over exercise. The purpose was to produce a video about something what could be shown after Saturday evening news. Examples were about animal shelter, sport events and art exhibitions. My group decided to take a little bit more philosophical approach, so we made a clip about how people make their decisions and choices. We filmed traffic in Tallinn and with those frames we showed the paths and routes of people’s lives. The assignment was part of our Introduction to Television Formats course. During that course we also have to film a documentary and make a 45 minutes long live morning show for Estonian Public Broadcasting. So this exercise was not that complicated compared to what is still coming. For this assignment, first we made a plan who is doing what, then we wrote the story and decided what shots we need, for instance traffic lights, people walking and turning or trams leaving.  So we hit the road with our camera. Felicia was working with the camera, I was a director, Mariam was a journalist and Anett was an editor. But we all went as a group and it took about two hours to get pretty much all what we wanted. But when you film traffic or people, you can not be hundred percent sure what you will get. And we did not get everything we needed, but if you have a great editor, like Anett, she can do wonders with the footage you got! After a lunch break we started to record the story. It took only 15 minutes after we learned how the programme works. I and Felicia also tried to record a song but even with a good programme you have to have a nice voice that it would sound good! So we left no evidence from that. Then it was Anett's turn to start the editing. Before I started this school I had no experience in editing whatsoever, so I never knew how much it really takes time to edit. Now, after one semester, I do know. All the groups were editing in the same computer lab, so it was crowded and because it was full of students on a Saturday afternoon after a long day, you could imagine how it was! A lot of coffee, laughter and noise. But we made it in time! And what did we learn? Two minutes clip and it took about eight hours, so it is hard work to be a journalist with a deadline. But I still had time to catch a movie in the evening, so it wasn't just hard work on that Saturday. Enjoy my clip and see how one day as a Media student looks like! Text and video by Lotta Raunio (Media BA student).  

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