One of the most affordable gym options is Gym!. The gym can be accessed with a QR code generated by a mobile app. The gyms are open 24/7. 

Lemon Gym offers a medium range price. These gyms are located so they can be comfortably accessed on foot, by car or public transport.

MyFitness has a total of 15 locations in Tallinn and the fitness clubs provide a variety of training opportunities and equipment. The price range varies based on the package.

Swimming pools in Tallinn

The swimming pools that are located in the centre of Tallinn are Kalev Spa and Reval Sport. The ones located further away from the city centre tend to offer cheaper entry tickets. Most swimming pools also offer personal swimming instruction, long-term tickets, student discounts and some swimming pools have saunas.

More information about the fares and locations of the swimming pools can be found on their individual websites:

Reval sport

Sõle Spordikeskus

MyFitness Rocca Al Mare

Õismäe Vabaajakeskus 

Nõmme Ujula