Ülemaailmne hiina keele ja kultuuri talendivõistlus "Chinese Bridge" üldhariduskoolide õpilastele

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This year Chinese Bridge language competition will held at Tallinn University on April 20th in a room M-218. 

  1. The purpose of the competition: to provide a stage for students who learn Chinese to show their Chinese ability; to create a platform for mutual learning and communication and inspire enthusiasm and interest in learning Chinese; to improve understanding of Chinese and Chinese culture.
  2. Participants: University students (18-30 years old), middle and high school students (12-18 years old) as well as primary school students (6-12 years old) are welcome to sign up! 
  3. Award: Winners can go to China to the final competition! There will also be prizes for other outstanding students. 
  4. What to expect:
  • Self introduction ~ 3min
  • Short speech ~ 5 min 
  • Talent show ~ 5 min
  • Q&A with the judges

! Registration deadline: March 20th !

5. Contact person for the “Chinese Bridge” Program of the Confucius Institute at Tallinn University:
Zhu Lu
Email: zhulu@tlu.ee


Telefon(+372) 619 9505