Studying at BFM - a Short Interview

So who are these people walking the hallways of BFM? How did they get here and what are they like? Here's a short interview with Ani, studying Communication Management. Where are you from and what are your interests? I’m Ani from Georgia. It has always been my dream to live out of my comfort zone because I was curious to see how I would deal with new challenges. Living in a new country made the scope of my interests wider but currently, I’m more concentrated on the field I’m majoring in and trying to gain new skills and knowledge that should be decisive along my career in communication. How did you find Tallinn University? Almost two years ago, I was sitting at my computer, surfing on the internet 24/7, to find out more about universities abroad. Oh, there was mess in my head. Before starting search of options where to continue my studies in the field of communication, I outlined priorities for me and found out that the Master’s Degree in Communication Management of the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School at Tallinn University was the best fit to them. What are you currently studying and how do you like it? I'm studying for my master's in communication management, majoring in intercultural communication. This programme gives me an opportunity to become professional communication manager by providing classes responsive to the requirements and challenges related to the globalization. This programme helps me to become interculturally competent, developing better skills of critical thinking and decision making, including during the crises and teaching how to manage internal and external communication of an organization. What is special about studying in Tallinn? Chance of getting an affordable high quality education as well as I look at Estonia as a leader in innovation and communication in Europe which are the key drivers of today's world will it be public or private. Tallinn university, where I’m studying now, is integrated into the teaching and research network of European universities in Intercultural Communication. Also, I liked the school’s orientation on internalization which is very important in today’s globalized world. I’m obsessed with the magical atmosphere of the city. Walking in the old town through its narrow, cobblestone roads and finding out the architectural treasures, beautiful buildings with their own stories and myths are another motivators for living in Tallinn. Would you recommend studying here to others? Yes, totally. I’m doing it through my blogs on TLU’s web page. They are my reflections where I describe why I enjoy living in Tallinn and why is it worth trying to study at Tallinn University. Questions by Ele Arder